AirMech is an interesting little F2P title from Carbon Games.

You fly Mechs, these Mechs range from bombers to choppers and even saucers.
In the main PvP mode, the objective is to roflstomp all over the enemy base, to do this however, one must protect his own base while capturing other facilities on the map.

Other facilities provide you with resources for you to keep building up your army.

Now while this game is tactical and strategic, it is not a RTS and the way you go about controlling units is quite interesting. You build units by tapping one of the hotkeys (1-8) and the corresponding unit will then be sent to the build que. Once done (a few seconds) you can pick up that unit and physically drop them anywhere on the map.

You are generally limited to carrying only three smaller units or one larger one, say a tank.
This allows for fairly tactical gameplay, you need four infantry to capture a base, so you can just fly on by and drop a few units behind enemy lines and cut of support from their main base, of course they will not survive long, but if you do capture a base between the enemy's main base and his front line, consider his reinforcements null.

There is the all out rush that most people seem to prefer, spam tanks and units in your base and slowly build them up as they roll towards the enemy in an unstoppable spear right to their base, just because theres too many to take down. Lastly, the dirty play, most pilots leave their base undefended or with only one or two turrets, confident their front lines will hold. Using this flaw in their plan, you can simply fly in and drop a turret or a few tanks behind the base and simply attack their main base directly from there.

Dirty? Yes
But all is fair in love and war.

You can issue orders to units that your holding, patrol, attack, defend and capture but most of these are moot. Simply dropping units will leave them stationary, patrol takes too much time with little outcome beneficial enough and normal units bar infantry cannot capture, not to mention the hotkeys are very awkwardly placed on the keyboard.

The game is fun and what blew my mind the most? It is only 75MB.
That and its F2P and still in beta.

Looks very solid so far.


Register: https://carbongames.com/signup.html?id=ND1Razor
Referral Code: 62Y2-M354-QCNV-3R4S (redeem in the store or after you register)
(Can someone let me know what the referral code gives you as it does not specify)


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