What did Ronimo's first game look like? (Try it now!)

You guys know Ronimo right? The guys who made that awesome little game aptly titled Awesomenauts? Well one of their press guys emailed me a couple days back informing me about the first game they ever made as a team. This game was titled Snowball Earth and was unfortunately never finished.


FreeIndie: Super Crate Box

Super Crate Box is one of the few totally free games on steam due to the fact that Valve only seems to add games to their F2P section if they have an ingame cash shop of some sort, Valve getting quite a large chunk of profits from said shop.

I am glad SCB is on steam, it is so simple yet so fantastic(ly addictive), check out one of the quotes from Destructoid.

Now when I first read that, I had assumed that it was just another overrated or out of context quote, but my god, they are right.

SCB is a simple game with a simple premise. Get ammo crates. Each crate contains a new weapon to help you shoot/burn/slice your way through the dastardly pixelated enemies that infinitely spawn. While there is no main objective (except saving your skin and collecting crates obviously) there are plenty side 'missions', I use this term loosely as they are somewhat like unlocks and are not necessary in the slightest, though playing the game itself will unlock them anyway.

Enemies swarm from the top and make their way down to the fire, where they burn up and re spawn at the top full of piss and vinegar, making them faster, stronger and essentially a pain in the ass. You want to kill them before this happens to make life easier for yourself though sometimes it can't be helped.

Crates contain one of a dozen or so weapons in the game. Your general objective is to get as many of these as possible, they add on to your score. Swapping to a new weapon looses you your old one, and the new one may very well be a downgrade for the situation your in.

You will die and you will die often, yet you will go back for more, you have been warned.
I seriously recommend you check this game out, clickies are below.


Firefall: First Impressions

Firefall is a hard game to summarise. It tries to be everything at once, and it does it well.
What is Firefall? It's a F2P MMOFPS/TPS from Red 5 Studios, yeah, a mouthful.

For ages my friend and I have been searching for an MMO to keep us busy, where we can level our respective characters and explore. Ah yes, exploring, what has happened to mmo's these days, every enviroment seems bland, generic and only seems to serve as a place to hold the mobs you grind. Firefall rids us of the point and click and selection based combat to bring true gunplay into the mix. Jetpacks add a unique hight element during PvP and PvE while being a huge boon to eploration allowing the devs to build their worlds vertically. All this and more adds a sense of depth to Firefall that many and more MMO's fail to capture.

You start out creating your character, picking from several battleframes, the classes.
The first thing you'll notice is the unique cel shaded art style akin to that of borderlands but toned up and fitting to the setting and area.
One of the many unique things about Firefall is the fact that you can quickswap your class, you are not locked down to any single one. All you have to do is drop by one of the terminals and pick a different battleframe, no cost, no setbacks, though the frames level individually. 

Actually having to aim, shoot and reload makes the mundane generic quests of every other mmo exciting. Though quests in the current state of the beta are sparse and only seem to serve as a sort of guide to help you along. Not to say that this is is in anyway generic, its not, it takes the best elements from questing and chucks the rest out the window.

You battle on Earth, though far in the future and now inhabited by many otherworldly creatures, from swarms of insectlike beings seemingly inspired from Starship Troopers, to dinosaur esq runners. You fight many and more of the creatures in the wonderfully detailed and rich environments, only a single (massive) one in the closed beta however. It is open world, so once you get in there are no load times unless you happen to join a PvP match.


Watch the video above and skip though to get a nice summary of what the game is all about.
A big part of the game is resource gathering, you call down a "Thumper" dropped from the skies that pounds the ground to harvest its delicious minerals. Unfortunately, all the racket wakes up the locals whom then proceed to swam you and attempt to take down the thumper, which you now have to defend.
You can build larger varieties of thumpers, the one on the video is the smallest. Larger thumpers are louder and thus call in a much larger swarm of enemies.

Crafting is a huge part of Firefall, when you level they give you "nanoprints" essentially recipes that you have to craft to give you the item you want. The many items you can craft ranges from modules you can stick into your armour to give you your class abilites or the armour itself. You can craft weapons and mods for the weapons and even refine the minerals you dug up to create better gear.

Though PvP is another way of resource farming, I can't say much about it. You go to a PvP terminal and sign up for TDM or sabotage and duke it out in arenas. Though due to the game still being in closed beta, its hard to get a PvP match going.

There are loads of random events and things to keep you busy that i'll talk about in my next video, however, the thing that blew my mind the most, was the day night cycle.
Suddenly the game started getting darker, I though it was just me, but eventually it was near pitch black and as it turns out, everyone has a flashlight. The lighting looks amazing at night, a chaingun going off in the distance, the glow of your jetpack, your limited visibility. Never before have I seen a day/night cycle in a MMO, and it is fantastic, especially so with the projectiles, jetpacks and the setting.

Firefall is going to be a AAA F2P the likes of which the world has never seen before. It will be epic, it will be awesome, you better get ready, I for one sure as hell can't wait.



AirMech is an interesting little F2P title from Carbon Games.

You fly Mechs, these Mechs range from bombers to choppers and even saucers.
In the main PvP mode, the objective is to roflstomp all over the enemy base, to do this however, one must protect his own base while capturing other facilities on the map.

Other facilities provide you with resources for you to keep building up your army.

Now while this game is tactical and strategic, it is not a RTS and the way you go about controlling units is quite interesting. You build units by tapping one of the hotkeys (1-8) and the corresponding unit will then be sent to the build que. Once done (a few seconds) you can pick up that unit and physically drop them anywhere on the map.

You are generally limited to carrying only three smaller units or one larger one, say a tank.
This allows for fairly tactical gameplay, you need four infantry to capture a base, so you can just fly on by and drop a few units behind enemy lines and cut of support from their main base, of course they will not survive long, but if you do capture a base between the enemy's main base and his front line, consider his reinforcements null.

There is the all out rush that most people seem to prefer, spam tanks and units in your base and slowly build them up as they roll towards the enemy in an unstoppable spear right to their base, just because theres too many to take down. Lastly, the dirty play, most pilots leave their base undefended or with only one or two turrets, confident their front lines will hold. Using this flaw in their plan, you can simply fly in and drop a turret or a few tanks behind the base and simply attack their main base directly from there.

Dirty? Yes
But all is fair in love and war.

You can issue orders to units that your holding, patrol, attack, defend and capture but most of these are moot. Simply dropping units will leave them stationary, patrol takes too much time with little outcome beneficial enough and normal units bar infantry cannot capture, not to mention the hotkeys are very awkwardly placed on the keyboard.

The game is fun and what blew my mind the most? It is only 75MB.
That and its F2P and still in beta.

Looks very solid so far.


Register: https://carbongames.com/signup.html?id=ND1Razor
Referral Code: 62Y2-M354-QCNV-3R4S (redeem in the store or after you register)
(Can someone let me know what the referral code gives you as it does not specify)


Giveaway: Torchlight

Torchlight is a brilliant game from the founders of Blizzard North, they guys that made the original two Diablos.
Regardless of how you feel of Diablo and him not just staying dead, Torchlight is a must play for any true ARPG fan.

Two giveaways this week,

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This Precious Land

"Learn the workings of nature, and make us proud of This Precious Land."

A construction sandbox where you create worlds with interesting mechanics.

The game was made in Ludem Dare, a contest were all the best programmers go to develop a fully functional game within the span of 48 hours.

This is the incredible outcome for such a short time period, and for this we have Ishisoft to thank.

You can download the game, for free, here.


Giveaway: Revenge of the Titans

A fun little tower defence with a nice pixel glow esq art style by Puppygames.
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